Matariki 15
Matariki 15, South Coast Wellington backdrop - Photo by Mark Gee
Throughout the Matariki booklet and poster, my concept celebrates the Maori New Year and Maori Culture while displaying the information in a clear and bold manner.
I used hierarchy to prioritise the importance of the different languages, Maori and English, while creating harmony through creating a consistent system used throughout the poster and booklet.
I used the typeface Whakahare, by Johnson Whitehira as it is perfect for this celebration of Maori culture as well as creating a contemporary feel. The Whakahare font also contributes to the hierarchy of the information by creating contrast to the font Ubuntu. I chose Ubuntu condensed and regular as the font has a tall and thin form for a contemporary sans-serif typeface, to match the form of the Whakahare typeface, while being a very legible font in the body text.
I used a deep navy to create the feel of New Zealand night skies, a Pantone red to communicate Maori culture and white as it represents the light created by the stars and reflected off the moon while creating a sharp contrast.
I implemented a traditional calendar format, in landscape, as I feel this format best displays the information when combined with a strict grid system.
The structure implemented throughout the booklet aims to clearly display the information while continuing the harmony between the Maori and English languages. 
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