Radio New Zealand needed to become more relevant to the 30-49 year old age group, and wanted a truly live, multi-media web experience. A multidisciplinary team of four designers - Sam Bazalo, Hannah McGeorge, Valerie Poort, and PeeJay Tofilau began a five-day experience design process in a small room to dive deeper into these users. We researched where RadioNZ was, and the wider mediascape to gain context. We began gaining empathy with people; those who listened to Radio NZ, or not. With this research, we built user profiles around the insights uncovered; these were responses to why users were not listening to RadioNZ. We then brainstormed ideas for these users, prototyped, developed, and refined these ideas. These opportunities were presented back to RadioNZ, along with the user profiles we’d developed. Going through an experience design process resulted in incredibly interesting insights. It took away stereotypical solutions to the demographic problem we had first been presented with, and allowed us to look deeper into how a younger generation of users could engage with RadioNZ online.
Unpacking the mediascape
Mediascape personas
Mediascape personalities
Radio New Zealands tensions
Mediascape positioning map
Initial brainstorms
Getting out on the street to talk to the public
Developing personas
User needs and insights
Developing personas
Opportunites to present back
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