The Interactive Tabletop Game has been designed to harness the imagination of child’s play. With no written or visual instructions, children are encouraged to play the game in order to learn what does and doesn’t work.
Situated within a collaborative and learning environment, the digital display is accessible from all sides allowing multiple children to play. The children learn to play together, using strategies that are not achievable alone, as they work towards a common goal.
How to play:
By placing the physical blocks onto the digital display, children are able to create physical paths that a digital character will detect and continuously loop itself around.
Collectibles and obstacles related to the theme will randomly spawn on the digital display. The objective is to collect as many as you can, in order to beat the high score. The fast paced nature of the game creates an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere that encourages replayability.
Themed Play:
The Interactive Tabletop Game currently houses four different themes: ‘Underwater’, ‘Outer Space’, ‘Safari’, and ‘Zombies’. These themes cater towards diverse audiences and add an extra layer of incentive, as more themes are unlocked as you progress.
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