A team from Open Lab, working with Story Inc., SpyGlass and Perceptual Engineering, helped celebrate Wellington's 150 Birthday with an interactive sound and light show projected onto Parliament Buildings for three nights. Spatial design graduate and CoCA staff member Oliver Blair worked with graduate Steph Jowett and undergraduate Sam Bazalo to design the experience with support and mentoring from Jennah Rasmussen and Anna Brown. Shown over three nights, the opening event was attended by 15,000 people who watched the projections, enjoyed music by Dave Dobbyn with the Orpheus Choir, and speeches from various dignitaries. Developed from the idea 'The house that words built' the Open Lab section of the evening was MC'd by comedian James Nokise, involved the curation of live tweets and required audience interaction to change the colour of building.
My involvment ranged from the ideation and concept stages, through to designing,  animating then mapping assets to the building model. This project was great experience for me working how to professionaly collaborate on a a creative output, and working within a massively public event. I met some inspiring people and it was hugely motivating to be exposed to a very exciting part of the creative industry.
Our set up in the control tower and the touch designer working file. The gradient ramps were the visualisation for the sound responsive setup, shown in the preview window.
The crowd, 15,000 strong, packed into parliament grounds to join the celebrations
Live tweets
Civic square bridge
Solace to the wind, live tweets 
Nikau palms
W animation
W animation, live tweet
Pre populated tweets
Curated questions for the MC James Nokise to use as a base for some of his interactions with the crowd
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